Shadowsocks的使用方法:2021-4-18 · Shadowsocks的使用方法 2021-04-18 Shadowsokcks是一款翻墙伋理软件,此软件会智能判断所访问网站是否被墙,被墙的网站会通过远端服务器进行访问,但是某些被墙的网站没有及时添加到shadowsocks的数据库中,导致这些网站依然无法 ...
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                                  tai super ⅴpn

                                  tai super ⅴpn

                                  Exams and Assignments for Online Courses


                                  Teaching Strategies for Different Course Modalities


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                                  Keep Teaching: Carmen Course Template (CDP)

                                  Syllabus Template (CDP)

                                  Carmen Analytics (CV)

                                  Instructional Videos

                                  Share Multiple Screens Simultaneously (CZ)

                                  Share Your Screen 怎样才能浏览国外网址

                                  Access and Trim a CarmenZoom Cloud Recording (CZ)


                                  How do I find a Zoom Meeting ID? (CZ)

                                  Why am I appearing as a guest in a CarmenZoom meeting? (CZ)

                                  How do I give a student more time or extra attempts on an exam? (CV)


                                  Embedded images aren’t showing in Safari (CV)

                                  Zoom update applied automatic passwords to cloud recordings (CZ)

                                  Chrome error for Zoom recordings in Carmen (CV)

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